Monday, June 6, 2016

My Photography Inspiration...

Almost 45 years ago, the world of photography lost one of it's most provocative artists, Diane Arbus.  My favorite photography book, and I have shelves of them, is Patricia Bosworth's biography "Diane Arbus: Portrait of a Photographer", 1984.

Thank you Michelle Van Parys, my inspiration for pursuing photography teacher.  She recommended I read this biography back in 1996, after an assignment I was given on Diane Arbus.  I quickly purchased the book, after I read a copy from the College of Charleston library.  I cherish the feeling I had, like being a fly on the wall, when I read the biography.  Bosworth really gives a great insight into the wacky world of Arbus.  Just thinking about the book inspires me.

What I like most, is discovering what the photograph on the cover is about.  Arbus was an instructor of Photography, Parson School of Design, New York, NY and Instructor of Photography, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI.

In 1971, a student, Eva Rubenstein, was given an assignment "to take a picture of something or someone you've never photographed before or are afraid of or are in awe of…"  This just amazes me, that she photographed Diane.  I love this photograph.

Seems a new biography has been published by Arthur Lubow, in 2016.  A New York Times article from June 2, 2016.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Parking Meter Project

A fun time designing and building a parking meter Day of the Dead lamp, complete with images dangling from the lamp shade.  Photos on the lampshade are from the New York City Village Halloween Parade 37th Annual, which has a Day of the Dead theme.

The lamp plugged in and working.  Yeah!

Photos from the 37 Annual New York City Village Halloween Parade.

Monday, May 19, 2014

The Bobble Headed Godsons

Always fun hanging out with my Godsons. 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Wonder Woman has left the building

Wonder Woman has left the building.  She has sold, and now lives in Seattle, WA.  I sure do miss her.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Tavi Gevinson Grows Up | Interview 2014 | The New York Times

I really admire Tavi Gevinnson. She is one fully expressed young lady, doing what she loves, and being successful at it.

It all started here...

Rookie Magazine link…

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Something To Consider

Not really sure I have a need for this, however I do find the possibilities really cool.  Like all things, size matters.  I can see where small could be wonderful.  My concern with the size lies in two areas: first off, it would be very easy to loose; second, the size would lend itself to being easy to drop.  The ability to upload instantly is the most major advantage.

One thing I did not clearly get, how is the quality of the image?  And here in lies my argument... I think ease of photography is for the masses, but for me, the same amount of effort, with my professional camera, produces a much higher quality image.  I do not like to take an uber cool image, only later to find out it crumbles when blown up larger than 4x6.  Only can handle 200 photos per battery charge, that could be a problem if you are traveling, and do not have access to a battery charger.

And does it shoot video?

Like all things in photography, the best camera you have, is the one you have with you.  (to paraphrase Chase Jarvis)

Friday, September 6, 2013

Guinness Wheelchairs Basketball Commercial

Created by BBDO, New York.  Not your average beer commercial.  I am amazed, wonderful work.